Big day tomorrow

Leaving DD for more than an hour for the first time, and going to my first day of the five month long, four hours per day (at least six including the break and commute both ways), five days per week language course. I’m trying to get my things together (paperwork, pencil case, notebook/paper, pump and accessories, food and water for me, and I still have to choose a book and crochet project) and can’t quite get into a book review I’m afraid. Trying to make sure DH and DD will have everything they need (milk and apparatus to get it into her) and hoping I’m going to get some sleep tonight (but DD is asleep now and was for most of 12 hours today, so I may be out of luck).


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6 Responses to “Big day tomorrow”

  1. hakea Says:


    That’s a full-on course.

    Are you planning to become a language teacher?

    I hope it works out well for you.

  2. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    Good luck. 🙂

  3. knotrune Says:

    I hope you have a good teacher, if so you will learn a LOT! I did a language course with similar hours for just 3 weeks and was able to chat in the language after 2 weeks of it. You’ll be like a native speaker by the end of that lot! Good luck with it 🙂

    • kaet Says:

      I hope so. I’ve gone straight in with the people who’ve already done two months (I’m still entitled to five months, but hopefully I’ll get further with them) as I do know a bit. We had different teachers before and after the break, and it seems we may cycle through the ones they have there, rather than always having the same people. I’m not sure yet.

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