Baby World

Um, my baby really disliked my being away from her today, even though she was with her father. Here’s hoping she gets used to my mornings away without much more trauma. (I did enjoy the class a lot, at least!)

Cover of Baby Born68. Baby Born by Anastasia Suen. Illustrated by Chih-Wei Chang

This is a little book about the first year of a baby born in winter and her (very ethnically diverse) friends. Each spread shows a watercolour of babies and their families doing something season and age appropriate. There’s a flap to lift on each spread and the pictures are in slightly muted (but still colourful) watercolours.

I’ll admit I was slightly put off by the first spread being of rows and rows of babies in separate cots with never an adult (let alone a parent) in sight, but I’m remembering not being able to get our DD out of the hospital nursery fast enough. We couldn’t be moved to the rooming-in ward for half a day, and we went to the other ward a couple of hours before they’d let us take her to that room for the day – the sound of lonely newborns crying was heart-breaking. I couldn’t personally imagine choosing to leave mine there, and next time I’d probably fight harder to stay with her in the nursery, if necessary. Considering today’s experience, I’m probably feeling this particularly strongly. (Oh, and the nursery staff seemed very nice with the babies, but they only had so many hands.)

Anyway, the book. Each season the baby can do more and more, appropriately enough, and it’s nicely done. I think it’ll be an easy way to reminisce with DD about her first year, considering she’s also a winter baby, even though neither the climate nor the festivals fit here.


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2 Responses to “Baby World”

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    Separation anxiety can be really hard on everyone. At least you know that it’s temporary. Thinking of you. 🙂

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