All about me

Except I amn’t going to tell you much; you’ll just have to work it out from what I post.

This blog is mostly a record of my reading and crocheting, with some other bits thrown in along the way. Enjoy it!

9 Responses to “All about me”

  1. shiru lo Says:

    Hi, We see in your blog photos from shalsheles concert. if you have some more photos we would like to get for publish in our printed magazine in israel. thanks

  2. Angie Says:

    Your sidebar tells it all. Thanks for the comment. My son went to UVic for the summer and it’s over run with rabbits!
    I am a reluctant crocheter because of a hand injury, but a little is sweet. I owe my two-handed fair isle to the tension control of the left hand I gained in crochet.

  3. markharding Says:

    I see you are learning Braille!?
    I sat the exam two years ago and passed at the second attempt. Best of luck with it!
    Out of interest, what is your motivation?

  4. sruli Says:

    thanks for featuring the book I wrote, Reb Shlomo. It is a great book and I love reading it too.

    Much appreciated.

  5. Dave GoWell Says:

    Are you and/or your husband the one(s) that published some articles about Tafl, Brandubh, Fidchell, etc. on BoardGameGeek?

    If so, I’d like to exchange some thoughts and ideas with you. My friends and I have been playing a game *we* call ‘Gwyddbwyll’ and have developed our own ‘House Rules’ for it.

  6. haim Levy Says:

    Shalom Kate,

    I read in one of your posts that you were reading the Anshei Hayil book, how was that expereince, did you ever get around to finishing it?

    • kaet Says:

      Sorry about the delay – I’m still reading the book, and enjoying it a lot. I’ll be pleased if there are more in the series.

      I haven’t done anything with this blog in over half a year, but hope to get back to it now.

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