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Some more craftiness

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

DD has become rather distracted while eating lately, so when we passed a bead shop today I went in and got the components for a nursing necklace, and then made it when we got home. I actually haven’t tried it yet, as she was tired enough not to need it so far tonight, but I’m hoping she’ll like it. (It’s for me to wear while feeding her, not for her to wear, and won’t be left with her unsupervised.)

These are the beads and cord (only 1m – I should have got 1.2m or even 1.5m, and I might get another length and redo this if it’s a pain being so short in use).
large beads and cord in shades of blue

The centre beads are each knotted in place with a single knot in between.

Purple bead half knotted into place

The outer beads are loose on the cord, partly because their holes are bigger and I hadn’t got a long enough piece of cord really, but I did want to have some beads she could move about on their string.

Completed necklace

So this is it. Of course the moment I showed it to baby she lost all interest in eating for about ten minutes (possibly more) as she examined it closely while I held it out to her. Now that she’s had a good look at it, though, I think it may well fit the purpose if I redo it on a longer cord.

Singular little beauties

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I seem to have spent much of the evening threading beads onto yarn for an upcoming project. I’m using a whole variety of colours in random order, even though I’d probably prefer the finished item in one coordinating colour, just because I feel I should use what I have. Anyway, it’s nice mindless work when I’m so tired.

In fact, I think I’ll leave off talking about my books of the day, because I doubt I’ll make any sense. Good night.