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Monday, 4 February 2008

Shalsheles in London
The Shalsheles concert was really nice: they sing beautiful songs well, and they also put on a good concert. The crowd was really enthusiastic and obviously enjoying themselves a lot. We were surrounded by teenagers, who were wanting to dance along, so we felt a little old, even though lots of our friends were there, as indeed were several even older people!

Of course I crocheted on the way there and back, and before the concert and during the interval. There was very little of the pale pink left, so I started with that, and it ended up looking like an eye, so I added a brow and then began another freeform piece with the shiny pink that I really like. I’ve decided to try making myself a pair of mitts from them, which is what the back loop ribbing is for. We’ll see how that goes.