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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Muesli surrounded by ingredients packets
I’ve been thinking about making my own muesli on and off for quite awhile. In London I used to buy the Dorset Cereals varieties, mostly, and while they are available here, that doesn’t mean in every shop, plus it’s expensive, and travelling a long way.

So yesterday the supermarket on our way home was one of those that didn’t have muesli, only granola. Now I don’t recall ever actually eating granola as a breakfast cereal, but it really doesn’t appeal, what with honey or other sweeteners apparently being integral (certainly in any packet/recipe I’ve seen) and oils being common.

Instead, we bought a packet of oats (added to two-thirds of a packet we already had), some raisins, chopped almonds (far cheaper than any of the packets of whole nuts), sunflower seeds, and brown flax seeds. Once home I mixed all these up, using the entire quantities of everything except the flax seeds, which I already knew go a long way. Altogether they filled the jar we had available, plus two bowls, which worked out perfectly.

Another time I’d reduce or even omit the sunflower seeds entirely, but it came out pretty nice. I’d like more whole nuts and other dried fruit, and perhaps even better oats, but we have to find a cheaper source, I think. Still, I’d definitely call this a success!

(Whenever it’s available I chop fresh fruit into my muesli before serving it.)