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Bouncing from one thing to another

Saturday, 19 January 2008

I do believe yesterday might be the first since I started that I didn’t post, but the opportunity simply didn’t arise.

What I did do yesterday, for the first time in seven years, was to bounce on a trampoline! That was fun, and I got cheered on, but I was literally all over the place, and couldn’t stay on the centre spot (not that there was one on that bed) at all, but I did do a couple of seat drops, some full twists and a front drop. I couldn’t get enough rotation even to do a seat drop to front drop, but I did get to my feet again in the attempt, so I suppose it could have been worse. It made me want to take the sport up again, for fun and exercise (I was never particularly good, even when training twice a week as a student) as I certainly need more of the latter, but I don’t believe there’s an appropriate class anywhere convenient. I will try looking into it, though.

I finished a book on Shabbos, about Kiruv. It’s trying to get all Orthodox Jews to develop friendly meaningful relationships with those they come into contact with who aren’t from their own communities. I liked that it repeatedly emphasised that one is building a caring friendship, not pushing people to take anything on that they don’t want to. It’s well written and I think could be very useful and interesting to a lot of people.

24. Putting Out The Fire: Your Unique Role in Bringing Jews Closer to Torah by Aharon Ungar