(Inter) NatCroMo Freeform CAL/Game 2009

As last year, I’m putting up a daily instruction here and on Ravelry. The instructions this year will be a bit less structured, and a bit more inspirational, but I hope they’ll lead to just as much fun and creativity.

If anyone prefers last year’s structure, I’ll happily join in a secondary CAL for that too, but my main focus will be here.

March 1:

A is for Apple.

(Throwing us all in at the deep end. Will this help you choose your hook, your yarn, a shape, a smell?)

March 2:

B is for Blossom (and for Bullions)

March 3:

C is for Crab

(Crab-apples, crab-claws, crab-stitches? Where will your imagination take you?)

March 4:

D is for Drop

(Noun, verb, or however you want to take it…)

March 5:

E is for Eating

March 6:

F is for Fragrance.

March 7:

G is for Ground.

March 8:

H is for Honey.

March 9:

I is for Insect.

March 10:

J is for Jam.

March 11:

K is for Knowledge.

March 12:

L is for Leaves.

March 13:

M is for Mould.

March 14:

N is for Night.

March 15:

O is for Orange.

March 16:

P is for Peel

March 17:

Q is for Queen.

March 18:

R is for Russet.

March 19:

S is for Stone.

March 20:

T is for Taste and Touch.

March 21:

U is for Underground.

March 22:

V is for Variety.

March 23:

W is for Worm.

March 24:

X is for Xanadu.

March 25:

Y is for Yellow.

March 26:

Z is for Zest.

(This isn’t the end – I’m intending to continue until the end of the month.)

March 27:

Your name.

March 28:


March 29:


March 30:


March 31:


8 Responses to “(Inter) NatCroMo Freeform CAL/Game 2009”

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  5. Jeanne Says:

    hi, I just found out about this. IS something going on for april. If so where do I find it?


  6. kaet Says:

    Hi Jeanne, I’m afraid the game was daily for March, although it could really be done any time. I’d love to see what you come up with.

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