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Things appear blue

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

NaBloPoMo Jan2011Thankfully, I mostly mean that literally, rather than metaphorically. What with the January NaBloPoMo icon on each post, and some of the recent book cover pictures, as well as most likely some of the upcoming ones, the blog just gave me that impression, and then it occurred to me that we just bought a blue ERGObaby Sport baby carrier, Baby Carrier - ERGObaby Blue Sport Carrierwhich is a fabulous addition to the blue/turquoise stretchy wrap I’d already been using. (Why yes, people do constantly assume our baby is a boy when we’re out. However, a) I’d have no problem at all dressing her in blue if we had any such outer items at the moment, and b) I think of a baby carrier as something the parent is wearing, not the baby, and certainly I’m not going to be prevented from wearing colours I like.) I still intend to use the stretchy wrap as well so long as baby is light/small enough to be safe and comfortable (for both of us) in it, but DH and I are both enjoying using the Ergo (we got it on Monday, thanks to some very kind monetary gifts from relatives).

To bring this back on track, some of the blue-covered books I have to discuss here or am still reading (in the order I notice them, and the last two are more turquoise):

I’m still annoyed about what’s going on in The Archers.

More ongoing inspiration

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

NaBloPoMo Jan2011I’m strongly considering trying for daily posting beyond January. NaBloPoMo is great for manageable monthly goals, but WordPress has now set up a year-long challenge, over at Daily Post, to either Post-A-Day or Post-A-Week. I’m pretty sure I won’t get to 365 posts (and I’d rather get to 365 books), but we can only try! (Let’s try, though, for more posting about actual topics other than whether or not I’m blogging and why I’m reading the same books over and over…

And now for something a bit more interesting…

So, what do people think about The Archers 60th Anniversary special? I amn’t as upset as some of the fans, but killing off Nigel was, in my opinion, gratuitous as well as clumsily done. Monday’s first reaction episode was far better, but that’s precisely because the actors and characters have been there a long time and have emotional depth; killing the characters off for pure sensation is simply annoying.

And yes, here I am blogging about something I’ve never discussed here before, and I will still be listening for now (via the podcast), so on some level this has worked to get me among so many others talking about it, but I’m still annoyed.