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There had to be one…

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

… book I really didn’t like:

87. Daughters of the House by Michele Roberts

It’s boring, meaningless, jumbled and unresolved. Each little chapter is entitled for a physical object which comes up in the section, but many of these seem contrived and largely irrelevant. There are constant hints in the first two thirds to some great mystery or mysteries to come, but they fell very flat for me, as did their climaxes, when such were even recognisable. The questions weren’t even actually answered for the reader, in many cases. Basically the author does a lot of telling/hinting when she really should be showing.

I suppose it might have helped to have read this when less fatigued, but then again I might well have left it unfinished had it not been the only book in my hand luggage while travelling.