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Keeping Warm

Monday, 7 April 2008

Pink Log Cabin crocheted blanket draped down to feet

I actually took this picture last night, but the extra length I added tonight wouldn’t show up any more. I should really get on with my little Dogo, but what with the snow yesterday and today (it didn’t stick beyond 8am this morning) I’ve been working on the blanket. I’ve been working it straight from my old knitted thing, ripping that as I go. (I’ve had some much appreciated help with the frogging, to keep that about a foot ahead of what I’m crocheting.)

It is now just about big enough (certainly wide enough) to cover me while I laze/read/sleep on the sofa on Shabbos afternoons, which is what I wanted. It could use a bit more length yet, and I’m dithering between stopping then and making a baby size one to give away, or going on to make a (single) bedspread size. Knowing myself it’ll probably be the latter!

97. Dogs by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

I still don’t know all about the range of pedigree dogs in France, let alone the world, but I do know a whole lot more than I did before this book. The photographs are both informative and expressive, as well. It is one of the short-haired dogs in this book that inspired my unfinished amigurumi. There are a fair few longer haired ones whose basic shape is entirely invisible and so would be difficult to model. The text is by dog experts, and gives good overviews.