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Big and Small

Monday, 26 May 2008

The strap for the Gardening Bag is coming along slowly but surely, but even though I wasn’t at work today I got hardly any more done. Instead we went shopping for the flat (and now have to stop doing that for a bit, as it’s expensive!). We went to a couple of smaller places first, and then to IKEA, which I’d never been to any branch of before. It literally took us three hours to get around that massive place, and I feel bad when I wonder just how they get many of the prices so low, but that’s what we did today.

There were a few crocheted items (storage bags and the like), which were at least sign-posted as hand made, so not quite as cheap as some of the more mass-produced items, but the craftsperson was certainly not well paid for the work. The ones I saw were all made of very rough fibres (jute and worse), so not easy on the hands, either.

I have no reason to doubt their ethical policies, but I have to use my own intelligence when I see an item I do know a little about. I do normally try to buy as ethically as I can, but it’s also not ethical to make someone else spend more than they can afford, is it?