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Book to game to book

Saturday, 15 January 2011

NaBloPoMo Jan2011We’re just finished setting up for my first game of Samurai Swords and it reminded me I hadn’t discussed this book yet. The game was originally titled “Shogun” itself, until the Clavell estate apparently objected and it was renamed. It is decidedly set at the time and along the theme of the book. We also have another game with a related theme, Ran, as well as a few real classic Japanese games, but we haven’t played the former yet, nor the latter in awhile.


Cover via Amazon

50. Shogun by James Clavell

I must say I liked this book. I feel like it’s awhile since I’ve read a historical novel where I knew so little of the ‘real’ history being referenced, so I really can’t comment on its authenticity. I would now like to learn more about 16th century Japan, but don’t really know where to start. Suggestions are welcome!

One thing I liked is that while there is a central Western character, the book really isn’t about him. What it is about is power and politics at a time of technological change and increasing outside influence. At its core, though, is how much will and can the Samurai leadership use and accept non-Samurai ideas, inventions, manners and people, while definitively retaining their own culture and powerbase.

Uses for teddy bears

Sunday, 15 August 2010

NaBloPoMo August logoThis post really needs photos, but our teddy collection (mostly bears) has been very useful this weekend. My DH wanted to show me what a six-player game of Risk was like, so we double-soloed it (each of us controlling 3 players, but often discussing who should do what), with Lily, Yudel, Smudge, Sam, Perach and Yehuda as the players on Friday evening. Then on Saturday afternoon we played Castle Risk the same way (except that the unnamed little koala replaced Yudel).

Sam won both games, and interestingly, he’s the one with nearly a quarter-century’s experience (that’s how long my DH has had him, and Sam’s always helped with game soloing in this manner).

Tonight I cut into all that fabric I bought, to make a simple stretchy wrap for baby-wearing, and Smudge (as the most human shaped of the lot) has been acting as practice model. I think we’ll need a lot of practice before anyone who can’t be dropped gets worn in it, though! (As my DH said, “Smudge is a very brave bear.”)

So that’s this weekend’s crafting too, although getting to make something by roughly measuring and then cutting a not-very-straight line seems excessively easy! 😉

I’m going to post this now, as I haven’t even taken any of the pictures I need (the games were on Shabbat, so none got taken then), but I’ll plan to add some in later.


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I should be posting my book reviews. Goodness, I should be reading! However, I seem to be in a variety of other fun and interesting places online instead… Ravelry obviously, and Facebook (obviously for those who read this through there, although I amn’t going to link to that profile from WordPress) – not that I’ve been so active on FB lately, and a Jewish site I amn’t going to link to at all. And then today my dear DH got me on to his favourite site, affectionately known as BGG. Let’s see what this little widget of theirs does:

Nothing apparently, as it doesn’t appear to be working (for me at least). It should tell you what board games I’ve played recently, but seeing as I’ve only told it about one so far (Tigris and Euphrates) that isn’t entirely accurate. It’s a beginning however.

Still working on the crochet projects I can’t discuss, and doing some other useful stuff.


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I found this today, and my DH and I are going to play Scrabble tonight, after our walk…

Game Boards

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I’m working on my second design of a board for a classic but lesser known board games. (And no, I have no intention of doing a chess/draughts board. There are plenty of those available, and it’s pretty easy to work out anyway.) The first one is fully designed on paper (with chart and row descriptions), but I still don’t have the yarn for it. The second I’m working on a chart for, to be done in tapestry crochet (using the special graph paper Carol Ventura made available on Ravelry. As and when I’ve used (and thus tested) both patterns I plan to put them up here on the blog.

Have I mentioned that my DH is a board game fan? He’s introduced me to lots of classic abstract games, as well as some more modern games. I’m thinking of writing about some of them here, presuming I run out of the books I’ve read this year before the end of the month.

I’m sorry, I should be getting on with the books, but I have a book I’m proofreading that’s under an important time limit, plus I’m working on that game chart.

It might just be time…

Sunday, 27 January 2008

My brother asked me awhile ago to write about computer games, and since I’ve just found out about another fun free (educational!) web game, I thought it was about time. The new one is a speed test of your knowledge of world places, and I need to practise, or learn some more, as I got to level six the first time and level five the second, but I hear of people getting to levels eleven and twelve, so clearly I have lots of space to progress.

In a similarly educational vein, but with the added benefit of donating rice to the World Food Program (through the modest adverts at the bottom of the screen is FreeRice. I’ve mostly given up on that now that I know I can get to level 50 (just did it now with only two errors holding me back along the way) but the words are good, as are most of the definitions/synonyms that come up. (I will argue that ‘pedantic’ in no way means the same thing as ‘bookish’ however, which was one of my ‘errors’ today.) The idea is to test and increase one’s vocabulary, and one can donate just as much cycling between levels 5-8 as between levels 45-48, so anyone who knows any English at all can learn from it. At the upper levels I’m often guessing at the multiple-choice answer based on my knowledge of parts of speech and probable derivations, meaning I might still might not get the exact connotation were I to come across the word in context, but then that would help in and of itself, of course.

For the sole benefit of relaxation (although there are some educational games there) I do have a Neopets account, although I don’t use it much these days (crocheting, Ravelry and blogging take up that function and time).

As for other types of computer games, I haven’t regularly played those for some years. One of the first things I do on taking possession of a computer is to disable the built-in games, because they are too easy time-wasters, unfortunately. (Which does mean I have played and enjoyed them in the past.) I have largely missed the cross-over of installed and online games, as I played the former before internet access became cheap and widespread enough for that interaction to be common.

I liked Tetris, and its offshoot Welltris quite a lot (and got very good at the former), and it’s puzzles or tests of knowledge that I generally prefer. I was never that good at SimCity, nor at Phantasmagoria, which I was given when it came out but probably would never have chosen. Thankfully I never got far enough into it to come across the horrific bits.

And that’s all I can remember right now. I’ll have to ask my brother to remind me of any others he can think of.