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Nurturing Environments

Thursday, 5 June 2008

I finally got back to my log cabin blanket last night, as even though it’s big, it was the only single bag project I could find to take along to the group last night. We were back in Starbucks after the renovations, but in a different section, as they haven’t put back ‘our’ tables yet. I don’t know is this temporary or long term.

152. Shining Star by Chani Altein

This is a sweet but thought-provoking character novel, about Adina, the ‘ordinary’ middle child of a very talented family, who feels she should do something to make her stand out of the crowd, even though the many good qualities she puts to good use generally require the personal connection to be appreciated.

Adina has the support network of family, friends, teachers and neighbours we could all use, and enjoys the giving aspects of that just as much as the receiving ones, but that doesn’t stop her having some hard decisions of her own to make and stick to along the way.

153. Eco-Action: Buildings of the Future by Angela Royston

Scary-because-it’s-clear-and-upfront information on global warming and how our buildings do and should impact upon it, including lots of suggestions for small-scale changes. (Turning off lightbulbs, proper insulation and also writing to politicians to encourage the larger-scale changes.)

A good incentive to finish my blankets and shawls, and reduce the use of heating this winter!

154. Keeping Pets: Mice by Louise and Richard Spilsbury

Mice don’t need many lessons in insulating their homes – pet ones simply need to be provided with the correct materials! I never fail to be surprised how small mice really are; the pictures in this book do make them look very cute indeed.

155. Physical Science in Depth: Heating and Cooling by Carol Ballard

And here’s how it all works, through freezing, boiling, deposition and sublimation, to affect every substance and creature out there.