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Knowing my life

Sunday, 22 June 2008

I’m wondering is the Stashbuster Scarf big enough that I should finish it, and use my bits of yarn for some more scrumbling. I finally sent of my pieces for the Pink Project off to Australia last week, and now Sidhechilde has reinspired me with some of her fabulous freeform work. (All Ravelry links, I’m afraid. If you’re interested in the crochet you really should sign up.)

Besides working on that scarf this morning, I also spent a bit of time with Irish Crochet Lace: Motifs Collected and Described by Eithne D’arcy┬áso might mix some of those motifs into whatever I work on next.

172. Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer

Not entirely sure why I reread this, as while it’s gripping, it’s also disconcerting. Rather better than the run of the mill End Of The World Disaster Stories (and why are they ALWAYS American?) the most thought provoking thing is that many of the signs of panic and trouble are happening anyhow. This book was only published last year, and $5/gallon for vehicle fuel doesn’t look like it’ll be unusual for that long. UK petrol prices are calculated in pence per litre, so not instantly comparable, but they have always been much higher.

Food prices are going up and deadly strains of diseases are becoming more common. I could go on, but the book is an interesting take on how one family tries to look after themselves, and in the process draws their line of family (who they will help and support) very close indeed in the bid for survival. Those who try to do otherwise are seen as doing their job, and not to be emulated.

I hope we won’t generally come to that in this world.

Productive Entertainment

Monday, 4 February 2008

Shalsheles in London
The Shalsheles concert was really nice: they sing beautiful songs well, and they also put on a good concert. The crowd was really enthusiastic and obviously enjoying themselves a lot. We were surrounded by teenagers, who were wanting to dance along, so we felt a little old, even though lots of our friends were there, as indeed were several even older people!

Of course I crocheted on the way there and back, and before the concert and during the interval. There was very little of the pale pink left, so I started with that, and it ended up looking like an eye, so I added a brow and then began another freeform piece with the shiny pink that I really like. I’ve decided to try making myself a pair of mitts from them, which is what the back loop ribbing is for. We’ll see how that goes.

Beribboned Wings

Sunday, 3 February 2008

I’ve done one and a half scrumbles today, finishing the bigger one (I thought about doing more with it, but decided it’s balanced) and doing the winged one, which is my first not to be based around a previous from-a-pattern motif. I think I like them both, which is good!

I’m missing working on the FrouFrou, especially as I was really hoping to finish it today. Anyone got any GGH Amelie, colourway 6, to spare?

In the Pink

Sunday, 3 February 2008

My second Pink Project scrumble is coming along nicely, and made for a nice way to spend Motzei Shabbos, playing with my new yarns. The wooden rack proved itself as well, being comfortable to carry my yarn selection up and down stairs, while leaving it easy to see what I had, which the cloth bags aren’t quite so good for.

I sorted through all the new (second-hand) crochet hooks tonight, as well, picked out a couple of sizes I didn’t have and put the others together to take to work for teaching with. There are several 4.5mm hooks, and others from 3mm-8mm, so it’s a good range for using with normal yarn.

I don’t think I said, but I’ve finished the back, sleeves and collar of the FrouFrou, leaving just the front and edgings to do. Unfortunately I’ve got to put it aside as I’m also practically at the end of the yarn, until I can get some more. I’m hopeful I will be able to, but… It wouldn’t be a problem were I already up to the edgings, as those could be in a different colour, if necessary, which I probably could get, were I not to be too fussy, but doing the front in a different colour would be silly, I think! So in the meantime I’ll be working on other things!

I didn’t get as much reading done over Shabbos as I’d have liked, but it was nice and sociable, which I do need in my life, so I amn’t complaining!

Local Craft and Art

Friday, 1 February 2008

Crochet Haul
Another good haul, this time from the other charity shop on my way home. I paid three times as much, but I got the magazine rack (obviously to a far better purpose than magazines!), even more hooks, and lots of nice yarn to do some more scrumbles for the Pink Project. (There are two balls each of the grey and the peachy pink on the bottom left of the picture.) I haven’t decided yet will I use the grey as accents for that, or for teaching the kids to crochet. I now have lots of hooks for them, but not so much yarn!

36. The Best of British Scrapbooking and Cardmaking by Joanna Campbell Slan

It’s nice to see crafts treated as art, and this book nicely does that, without downplaying at all the craft, hobby and personal expression sides of scrapbooking. That isn’t something I’ve taken up, but I do admire the best pieces as art, and all for the deeper feelings. Seeing masses and masses of pages can give a twee feeling, but I’d recommend this book as one to take a look at, whether as a scrapbooker looking for tips and inspiration, or a non-scrapbooker seeing what can be done.

Right, back to getting ready for Shabbos!

Scrumbling pink on blue

Sunday, 20 January 2008

On the right (I hope they’re easy enough to distinguish) is my first completed scrumble for the Pink Project on Ravelry. At a few points in the middle I thought it wasn’t going to be very nice, but in the end I like it.

The bigger piece is a motif I did a couple of years ago (the first is based on three such, by the way) which I intend to develop into a good scrumble, although it’s also possible I’ll send it in as is. I don’t have to decide yet.

I haven’t done any more on the FrouFrou since Thursday, but perhaps I’ll do more this evening.

Steady progress

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Here’s where my current two WIPs are up to.

I’m up to where the pattern says the sleeves should start on the FrouFrou, but the recipient is unexpectedly away tonight, so I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to check the back is the right length. More importantly, she really wants the sleeves to fit exactly, since that’s her quirk that makes shop-bought stuff not quite right, so I’ll need her on hand to sort that out.

Hopefully she’ll be back tomorrow afternoon, so I can sort that out and then take the project along to the local knitting group (yes, I do feel like the token crocheter, but it’s nice and friendly anyway, and I haven’t been in a couple of months, what with being away, and stressed, and everything).

If not, I’ll just have to keep going with the Stitch Sample Mat, which has become my commuting piece, now that I’ve started the other. Thankfully the yarn is light, and the hook rather darker, so I can just about work on it in a dark car, as long as I know the stitch pattern I’m currently on. I did do the same stitch six times this evening though, because it just kept going funny. (Only on that one occurrence of the stitch, though, bizarrely.)

Presuming I don’t end up needing the yarn (and I really hope I don’t, as the Amelie doesn’t seem like it likes being frogged), I’m thinking of using the FrouFrou swatches (or some of them, anyway) in a piece for the Pink Project that Prudence Mapstone has just started on Ravelry. They aren’t very pink, but might work with an old pink sample I amn’t otherwise doing anything with, to make something. This is all rather vague at the moment, though, as I have plenty to be getting on with, and I’ve not done much scrumbling before. We shall see.