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Scurrying around

Friday, 30 May 2008

I’m about to begin a Mystery Shawl, courtesy of Tracey. She’s been whetting our appetite over on the CLF board at Ravelry, and has just put up the first fourteen rows. What with the moving malarkey, the yarn I’m intending to use is here, but my hooks are over at the flat, and it’s Friday afternoon. I do need to go over there, as some of the veg I want to cook for Shabbos is there, so I’ve written the first four rows of the pattern out on paper. I’ll take over the yarn, and whatever else I can manage (it’s on cones, so bulky), do those rows quickly, if I can, and then bring back the veg and get ready for Shabbos!

143. Keeping Unusual Pets: Chipmunks by Belinda Ogle
144. Keeping Unusual Pets: Chinchillas by Tom Handford
145. Keeping Unusual Pets: Ferrets by June McNicholas

I wouldn’t expect any of these pets to get along with the cat my flatmate wants us to get, but apparently things like that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Still, we won’t be having rodents by choice, no matter how beautiful some of them are. (And yes, ferrets are mustelids, rather than rodents.)

Each of the books in this series follows a standard format of chapters and pages, but the varying animals and authors come through vividly. I was intrigued that the chipmunk book suggested using some food and accessories intended for chinchillas, whereas the chinchilla book made the animals sound quite different from chipmunks!

146. Martin Luther King by Rob Lloyd Jones

This book mentions Rosa Parks once, whereas the Parks one mentioned King a few times. (The books are from different series, authors and publishers.) I suppose King comes across as a more general leader. He’s an interesting figure, and this book is a good read even for adults, although it’s written to be a fairly easy read. I would recommend it to older children and adults for whom reading is newer than it might be.