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Bruno’s Here!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Bruno with his travel gear
My first visiting Travelling Teddy got here in less than a day, and he’s lovely and silkily strokeable. He comes from Kimmikat, who is very creative, and has made him a set of hat, scarf and bag (my flatmate is jealous…). He also has a passport and journal, and came with fridge magnets for all of his hosts along the way. (Those for his future hosts are peeking out of the front pocket on his rucksack.)
Bruno and friends enjoying almonds
He’s spent this evening making friends with the locals, and telling them about his journey. They wanted reassurance that Luna’s going to be alright while she’s away, and are also getting excited about their own role as hosts. Who knows what they’re all going to get up to together tomorrow while I’m at work?

I read today about something they had better not go anywhere near:

247. Shark Attack by Tom Jackson
There really aren’t very many sharks out there that will actually attack a person, but this book describes the ones that will, some cases where it’s happened in the past, and what to do and not to do to make sure it doesn’t happen to you (stay out of the water if you’re bleeding, be careful where you do go in) and how to survive if it does (fight back).

The book isn’t horrendously graphic in terms of the pictures chosen, but is well illustrated.