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Gifts of Water

Monday, 7 February 2011

I like water. It’s my preferred drink, and a medium I’m pretty comfortable being in, too!

BMJournal: Water Water Everywhere and Not A Drop To Drink

I’m only the second recipient of this journal, but it’s one I’m going to enjoy filling in, I believe. I touched on my watersports experience in discussing the Surfing journal but there’s a lot more to say on that, as well as on other related topics. There’s a given space here to recommend books about water, the ocean and more, and some of the books I’ve discussed here recently seem relevant, particularly The Sea Kingdoms, Dolphin Island, and perhaps Landfall. Shogun is a possibility, too. There’s a whole lot of space in this book, which has roughly A4/Letter size pages, and a good number of them, too. The first few pages have things stuck to them, too, and if that continues the book will become bulky and made need thinning of blank pages. That’s not a worry yet, however.

Cover of The River that Gave Gifts

Cover of The River that Gave Gifts

17. The River That Gave Gifts: an Afro American story by Margo Humphrey

I’ve been wanting to try really reading a book from the International Children’s Digital Library for awhile now, and this seemed like a good book to try, as it’s got beautiful bright full page pictures and text and a story aimed at children who can read absolutely confidently. The delivery system certainly works very well, and I mostly enjoyed the book as well, emphasising as it does the ability of all to use their own skills and talents to provide for others. I do think the moral (about making use of one’s own talents, even if those of others are more generally recognised, and showing respect to elders)  is possibly laid on a bit more thickly than it needs to be, but that’s not necessarily a problem. Obvious morals have the advantage of being reasonably clear to an accepting reader, where hidden morals run the risk of being insidious.