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For me

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I know I need to get on with the books, but for now some more yarn and crochet.
Block striped crochet rectangle
I got a bit further on the bodice of DD’s dress last night, but today I was seduced by some beautiful handspun I was given that’s been hanging around to inspire me for the last few weeks.
fine green 3-ply handspun
I’ve been dithering, but think I want to use it for myself – a hat probably. I tried it on this pattern via the Youtube video:

I needed to practise it first, however, so am back on the acrylic.
hat crown

The spring/Pesach (Passover) cleaning? Um…


Thinking of sewing

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

NaBloPoMo August logoI still have a few metre squares of (woven, printed, cotton) fabric I bought for making headscarves, that I haven’t done anything with as yet. I suppose I should get to that before I start on other projects (and I’m still at the handsewing stage), but I want to make myself a skirt I browsed my way to online, which may be rather a challenge, especially considering I haven’t so much as made myself the pincushion I think I really need to get on with any other sewing.

I spent a fair amount of time on Youtube this evening, looking at sewing projects for babies. (Hey, they’re small and easy and the recipient isn’t going to complain about my sewing ability or colour choices!) As I discovered long ago for crochet stitches, Youtube is one of the best tutorial sources (on just about anything) out there, if you’re a visual learner who’s willing to pick and choose.

Now if I could stop thinking about what to make, and just get on with doing it! (With my crochet too.)